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The world changes with heart (彩流空明)
Asuka Ripple

The world changes with heart (彩流空明)



Title: The world changes with heart (彩流空明)
Year: 2021
Size: 1303 mm × 970 mm
Technique: canvas, water-based spray paint
(A brushless technique using spray can paint. Tools include plastic plates, wooden boards, plastic spatula, and paper).


A soft heart like flowing water, a stable heart like a mountain, a beautiful power like a flower blooming on a broken tree. They are rooted in the earth, connected to the universe, and live here looking at the world. When the ego battle that was born in my life was gradually released and returned to a transparent mind ... the sky(relativity) stayed there. The light emitted from the sky (relativity) spreads in rainbow colors and gently colors the world.

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