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Bhoomi - Earth
Mehak Mittal

Bhoomi - Earth



Title: Bhoomi - Earth
Size: 56cm X 38cm
Technique: 640 GSM watercolor paper using professional grade watercolors and Ink.


Earth (Bhoomi, in Hindi language) is our only constant. Every query, every problem can be solved if we go back to our Mother Earth.
But us humans take everything from it, from our natural resources, food to eat, water to drink, land to live and air to breathe. And Earth has been constantly sacrificing itself for us.
Life started on Earth, and we have reached a critical point where we need to give back for the future of our kind.
This art is play of us humans becoming one with the earth again, truly valuing our most precious resource and respecting it for all the sacrifices it makes for us.

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