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Miguel Ángel Mayoral




Title: Homunculus
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 19 x 18,5 x 12 cm
Technical: Plastic phallic plastic, silicone doll arms and legs, assembly adhesive, modelling paste, plastic paint

“Handle with gloves and very carefully! The work is an example of the creative side in which I am immersed in these moments: an unfinished series of monochrome assemblages, whose sub-strate is made up of imagination, chance, improvisation, game…The right context for reproduc-tion of exhibition is not in showrooms, galleries, fairs, or museums –places that I rarely visit- in-stead, it is made for various products and cultural platforms such as books, records, films, vide-os, magazines, screens, television, posters, posters, advertising, in which, the representations by format physical or photographic can be used as visual support. The technique, aesthetics and style of my assemblages are sui generis, my own and personal. It is important to underline the monochromaticity and the invisible use of modelling paste as unifying elements in all pieces; without forgetting the frequent recourse to zoomorphic figures. I do not follow a stable methodol-ogy: sometimes I saw the image I want swirl build inside my brain, in other cases the work is the result of chance. Sometimes the final piece comes after of many preliminary tests. The assembly allows me the speed, the ease, or the synthesis that I will never be able to find in drawing or the painting. Then there is that possibility of formal alteration and distortion”

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