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Fin Nicholas

Fin Nicholas



My name is Lucinda Nicholas and I have a background in the allied health industry as a speech pathologist. I was really excited to find Instagram as a creative outlet and thus started my interest in taking and manipulating photos. Since discovering photography, I have been using a variety of cameras for the last ten years. Through collaborations with other photographers, I was encouraged to edit as well as use real film. I discovered a love of the history of photography from the early work of Cartier-Bresson to more contemporary work by Edward Hopper. I also realised I loved the look of photos from classic old cameras by first being given a pinhole camera as a gift by an avid photographer, Keith Mendenhall. It is this spirit of generosity and passion for film which I wish to share with other people. From this pinhole camera beginning, I have built my own do-it yourself pinhole, bought polaroid cameras, an old land camera, a 35 mm camera and a zenza bronica camera which I love. It has also been such fun experimenting with destroying polaroids, doing lumen prints, salt prints, cyanotypes and chemigrams. Using film is an exciting experiment each time, and it is so eye opening to try experimental film as well as to discover the joys of traditional films.

My aim in taking photos is to show people how beautiful the world is. With the world suffering a global pandemic and the increase in depression and anxiety, I think it is important to show people that the world is still out there and nature is wonderful. My focussing on small details I hope people can see that there is beauty all around, even in mundane and often ugly surroundings. Analog photography shows the world in all its fine detail and my technique is to stop and try to find something interesting that may often be looked over by someone who would normally go around with blinkers on, only consumed by consumerism. I try to use films with special effects and love to catch light leaks as well as the soft dreamy quality of polaroids. I like a small depth of field so that the viewer can really concentrate on the beauty of fine details.
Photographic CV
May 2021 included in the diptych exhibition, asmithgallery, Johnson City, Texas
February 2021 included in the ARTAVISO online and physical exhibition ‘Door to Door’ at novacancy gallery, Melbourne, Australia
January 2021 Included in the ‘Chair’ exhibition at asmithgallery, Johnson City, Texas
Dec 2020- Jan 2021 included in ‘Pause Button’ exhibition at Old Auction House, Kyneton, Victoria
February 2019-Included in the Color Explorations Exhibition at sxsephotogallery, Molena Georgia
February 2019-Honourable mention in the diptych exhibition, asmithgallery, Johnson City Texas
July 2017 3 polaroid images included in Hylas Magazine with the theme of loss
July 2017 image included in online exhibition of polaroids by @shootfilmuk
April 2017:Included in the Shadow Series Vol3 (digital display) exhibition at Sixteen Mile Arts
January 2017: Included in the Being Set free Exhibition, asmith gallery, Johnson City, Texas
August 2016 photo included in NSEW, Film Shooters Collective show, in St Louis, Missouri, and then in December2016 the same photo published in NSEW VOL 3, a publication of the Film Shooters Collective
Honourable mention in the 2016 Mobile Photography Awards (Digital Fine Art)
Honourable mention in the 2014 Mobile Photography Awards (Visual FX)


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