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Stefan Woerz

Stefan Woerz



I was born in 1963 in Burgau (Germany) but live for the last 35 years in Bad Reichenhall (Southeast Bavaria).
After a few years of finding a job, I became a male nurse. I have been working in this profession for over 30 years now, allowing me to work, for the last 20 years, with severely disabled patients and people in their very last phase of life. The talks there had to be very significant and tell a lot with a minimum of words, especially if there is an emergency case. This has burned itself into my use of language.

During a trip to Norway in 2012, I was confronted with the subject of photography.
A year later I bought my first camera. Since then, the motivation has remained to explore the various possibilities of photography.
At the moment, I am mainly occupied with the ICM technic (intentional camera movement) and macro photography.
In almost all my photos, nature is in the foreground, because I like to spend time there and explore small things with open eyes. I am not an urban person. The diversity of photography, that I have discovered in recent years enables me to express my inner being.

I think that constant change is the drive of life, and a photo can turn a moment into a story!


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