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The Lady in the Red Beret
Patricia RAIN Gianneschi

The Lady in the Red Beret



Title: The Lady in the Red Beret
Year: 1979-80
Size: 40x30 inches
Technique: Oil on canvas, pastel and graphite

“The Lady In the Red Beret” is a self-portrait with my muses, as I began the journey from painter to becoming-musician. Both Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell influenced my approach to music, my narrative style of song writing, and influenced my thinking. In this painting, “The Lady in the Red Beret”, the artist becomes her muses. The painting becomes not only self-portrait, but also an autobiography. Painted after presenting Dylan with a paint-ing in 1979, he thanked me from the stage. I ended up on the stage at the Earl of Old Town, in a Red Beret, with a Martin guitar, ready to take on the world. For me art is a de-sire to bring into the world my inner vision, my inner being, and connect with the viewer.

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