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Helena Lundgren

Helena Lundgren



My paintings often get close to my experiencies from
childhood in the countryside of Sweden. The freedom, alivness and carefree feelings.
I feel most like myself when I paint. I knew early on I should be a painter. My studies in artschools were in
late 70:ies, and first years of 80:ies.
When I finished studies, I felt strong urge to find my own inner world in paintings. It took some years and then it came to me. I paint both in acrylic and water colours.
My symbols in the painting has different meanings for me. Houses are for example important. They stand for
safety and refuge. Elephants are very often in my paintings. They stand for strong family connections, and
very caring and warm to each other in their community. A world I would belong to.
I have had longer periods in my life where I have experienced mental illness, and therefore not being able
to paint. Intuition is important for me.


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