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Natália Gerbocová

Natália Gerbocová



Art has been apart of my life ever since I was a child. When my parents discovered my passion they enrolled me in to an art school. During my high school studies I was preparing for an entrance exam for the Academy of Art under the tutelage of PaedDr. Martin Horecny. However in the end decided to study TUKE. After a 12 years hiatus I rediscovered my passion for art again I never looked back.

2019 First Solo exhibition in home town/ Slovakia2020 Participation on Summer Art Mix - Audi exclusive Gallery Bratislava/Slovakia
2021 Participation on Winter Art Mix - BC Keremental Office Gallery Bratislava/Slovakia
2021 Solo exhibition in MsKS Humenné/Slovakia
2021 Solo exhibition in Manor-House Snina/Slovakia
2021 ART Prize Certification at The Pinacotheque museum in the Grand Duche of Luxembourg

„Art is a reflection of your soul“
I create art that gives soul to every modern space, and every place deserves to have its soul! I believe art makes sense only when it's shared with people.
Let’s give art a chance to change your home into an incredible space.


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