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The Strategy Conference
Erika Nojiri

The Strategy Conference



Title: The Strategy Conference

Year: 2020

Size: 651x909mm

Technique: Oil color, pencil, gold dust, silver dust on wood panel

Description: "The strategy conference" represents Japan involved in the problems between the US-China trade friction that occurred in 2020. The message is "When emotions are added to constructive discussions, victims will be born." The crabs and earthworms symbolize the two opposing countries, and the cats there is only one left.

I changed jobs in 2019 and got used to the new environment where I am still working. But my previous work experience made me suspicious. In Japan, it is customary to tell lies called "Tatemae" for convenience. At that time, I have to read the meaning behind the words. Some people use it to realize their selfish ideas.
There was an idea that long hours were the virtue in new jobs. I took time for all workers to understand my ideas. Work was being done efficiently in the time decided. To convince people with older ideas, I thought about and made some strategies to improve the work environment. If I tried to change the work environment with my selfish idea, it would be like "The Strategy Conference".

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