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Amarildo Ruçi

Amarildo Ruçi



Amarildo Ruçi was born in Tirana. He studied painting with proffesors Hatixhe and Mustafa Arapi for 10 years. Throughout his career he is awarded many national and international prizes, one of which worth mentioning is the silver medal in Egypt when he was only 14.
For six years now, he uses a special teqnique in the painting process; he paints with bare hands using no brushes or other tools.
Using this teqnique he has showcased in nine personal exhibitions national and abroad and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.
His art is closely related to mind and soul connection. It is a kind of never seen surrealism in which the play of symbolism can be noted in his artwork. The feminile figure is always present in his work. It is his inspiration muse of creation and is closely related to the love and passion for life.

Personal Perfomance at Carrousel du Louvre “ Focus Ar Fair “ Paris , France.
Participation at the exhibition of “Focus Art Fair “ in Carrousel du Louvre , Paris , France
Personal perfomance at “Skanderbeg Square “ Tirana , Albania
Artistic Director of International Art Symposium
November 2021 Kruje, Albania
Exhibition and performance at “Cloud/Reja”
August 2020 Tirana, Albania
Participation in the international art festival “Festar”
October 2021 Suhareke, Kosovo
Participation in the international art festival “Euro Kosovo Art”
September 2021 Pristina, Kosovo
“Revival” – Personal Exhibition at the Historical Museum of Albania
June – July 2021 Tirana, Albania
Participation in the international art colony “20 years art colony”
June 2021 Rahovec, Kosovo
Part of the organization team of the international artistic event “Environment You and I”
June 2021
Tirana, Albania
Artistic Director of international art colony in Tirana “ArTirana”
November 2020 Tirana, Albania
Participation in the international art colony “Art Rahovec”
July 2020 Rahovec, Kosovo
“Beyond Art” – Personal exhibition at the National Historical Museum of Albania June 2020 Tirana, Albania
“Reflection” – Personal exhibition at “Fellbach House”
January 2020 Suhareke, Kosovo
Personal exhibition and performance at the museum house of the master Mr. Ibrahim Kodra December 2019 Milan, Italy
“Origin” – Personal exhibition at “Grossetti Arte” gallery
October 2019 Milan, Italy
Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania Participation in the tourism fair ITB Berlin. Personal exhibition and performance March 2019 Berlin, Germany
“Traces” – Historical Museum of Albania Personal exhibition
March 2019 Tirana, Albania
“Amadeus Palace” – Personal exhibition
November 2018 Tirana, Albania


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