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Kim Esty

Kim Esty



Toronto Canada native Kim Esty who is known for her many years of singing and writing pop dance music , was fortunate and grateful to have hit songs on Canadian Billboard Music charts over the years .

Painting has also been a curious passion she wanted to explore for many years but was always a side project. After the passing of her Father, her painting journey began. A week before he passed, he was admiring a painting in the hospital, fortunately Kim took a picture of it , remembering the joy her Father had in his eyes upon looking at this painting of flowers.

A year later, randomly looking through her phone saw the photo of the painting that consumed him that day, she zoomed in on the Artist's name and decided to contact her and if available woul buy the painting as a memory to him. To her delight it was available.

The Artist met up with her where her Father and Mother resided, had a heartfelt afternoon talking about her Father and how he was so loved and admired by so many. She purchased the painting, upon friendly bantering Kim discussed her own interest for painting, and would love to learn one day. Graciously the Artist offered to teach Kim the basics, develop her own talent, she was thrilled, and ever since has not put down the painting brush. It was meant to be.

A gift she feels was given to her from her dear Father, who was always a fan of her music, and now gave her the gift of painting, the gift of art, because of that day admiring this beautiful flower garden painting. Believe in your journey, painting is magical and is truly a daily gift to your soul.


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