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Patricia Cassanello

Patricia Cassanello



"I recognize myself in the art world since I was very young, when I drew my drawings from figures that came in the chocolates my mother bought.

At the age of 12 I had my 1st exposure to oil on canvas and 36 graphite drawings.
I attended some art schools, but I didn't fit in, I had to follow my own inspiration.

And I always worked in the fields of art and advertising after college, where I could develop part of my true vocation. I have been an art director for over 20 years. I didn't draw anything this long period. But about 2 years ago, a great inspiration came and suddenly I was back to art, awakening again to my artistic side.

It is in the drawings of animals that I identify, I love drawing the eyes of animals. They can express feelings like humans and I portray that a lot in my drawings. Even doing other techniques, what I really liked and do every day are the colored pencil drawings."


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