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Digital artist


Digital artist


Born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
Works in music production and painting.
Attracted by the artwork of rock music that she listened to since she was a child, she fell in love with drawing.
During class, she was always doodling in her notebook.
In order to study art, she entered the art major department of the Faculty of Education, and in her university seminar, she created abstract paintings focusing on the multi-layered nature of painting.
In 2012, she started making music at home, and started calling herself tottorinos.
She composes music based on her childhood memories, everyday feelings, and mental landscapes, and creates and releases her own video works to accompany her songs.
She is also interested in the expression that comes from the combination and relationship of colors and materials, and creates paintings.
Her works in oil, acrylic, and watercolor have been featured in her music videos.
In January of 2022, she came up with the idea of using the iPad to create paintings and began drawing.
She is not concerned with abstract expression, but expresses her attachment to real land-scapes, nature, and various phenomena that arise from the relationship between things.

About the Exhibit:
"Evening Shower"
In our daily lives, there are scenes that we are strongly attracted to. And those encounters are sudden and fortuitous.
At the end of a busy day, in a quiet staff room after an evening shower, we see the orange sunset blotting out the water drops on the third floor window.
Or a familiar scene seen through the water drops on the side glass of a car on the way home.
Even a scene that you have not paid attention to for a long time can be captured in a spe-cial way, depending on how you feel at that moment.
At such times, I unintentionally turn on the camera of my smartphone and press the shut-ter.
That image, along with the events of the day and conversations with people close to me, will remain in my memory.
Now that we have photographs and can process them as we like, I ask myself why I paint, but I paint because I want to.
I felt as if I was redefining the world and the memory of that moment in my own words as I painted the landscape in each drop of water.


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