Origin (Gaia)
Leslie Lachiche

Origin (Gaia)



Origin ( Gaia) Gaia collection Year: 2021 Size: 76x38 cm 30x15 inch Expressionist Abstract acrylic original painting Medium: Fluid Acrylics Colours: beige, brown, green, blues, white, gold Support: Stretched canvas Simple Description: Earth Landscape from Above (as satellite view) Finish: Satin varnish to protect artwork from dust and water The artist is using abstract techniques to picture an Earth landscape scene from above at its early stage. Lands, mountains, forests, seas, movement and the elements: water, earth, fire (gold) and air are present in this piece. This is a pictorial representation and remembrance of the origin of Gaia, the mother earth, the spirit of the planet Earth, a loving, intelligent entity /energy creating and maintaining life. This painting is a frozen moment in time, a conscious co-creation, influenced by the emotions, intuitions and intentions of the artist as the colours and alchemy of paints blend out differently each time to create a unique scenery. Artist: Leslie Lachiche