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Blush, Psychosis
Gregory Logan Dunn

Blush, Psychosis



Title: Blush, Psychosis
Year: 2022
Size: Edition of 20
Technique: NFT Multiple

The stigma of mental illness ebbs and flows in America. On the corporate landscape, mental health is becoming a big business sector, with pharmaceuticals and online therapy becoming fast growing and lucrative business sectors. While the public view of mental Illness is somewhat tempered by raised awareness of mental health issues, the mentally Ill are still quick to be blamed for tragic events like mass shootings when the access of military grade weaponry comes under fire and the behavior of isolated and alienated individuals is ignored and untreated. The shame in these events is akin to a parent blaming a child for touching a hot stove after it has been left on and the parent has left the child alone in the room with the dangerous object. Even more so if we know the child is mentally impaired in its perception in terms of the danger of it actions. With all of the efforts to raise awareness for mental illness the shame we are quick to heap on the afflicted for their actions is not their own, but a nation unwilling to take steps to child proof a room against the untreated mentally ill. America should be red from shame in its inaction to prevent the insane from having access to military grade weapons in the name of liberty for all to have these guns. Those afflicted with mental illness can only blush at their actions and the consequences thereof, when the country expects them to be treated and educated simply by leaving them alone in the room with the television on.

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