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Sadie Aston

Sadie Aston



The interests behind my artworks are concerned with actively creating change in society’s perception of the non-human, focusing specifically on the effects of human interference with the natural world and animal rights.
I am a painter creating oil paintings. The application of paint is vital to my process, focus- ing specifically on mark making that in turn creates a bigger picture, each mark is applied with equal importance, meaning that the entirety of the surface has a continuity in its ap- pearance. I am drawn towards how different surfaces can be denoted such as skin, illus- trating similarities between human and animal flesh through the materiality of paint, this is due to my fascination towards the authority humans have given themselves to control everything outside of our own species.
I paint subjects related to the non-human and human body in a cropped perspective. I paint my subjects in this way as I am drawn to the visceral qualities in all bodies, this is what makes us similar to other species; I see flesh, eyes and body parts as the very thing that makes us who/what we are, this is what makes my work the most relatable for the viewer.
In a world where humanity is consumed by hierarchy, authority and power imbalances, my paintings capture a single moment in time from my own perception of an ideal world, in which humans are no more worthy of respect than any other species. All of my paint- ings have a horror/ unnerving atmosphere to them which is done with the aim to repel yet at-tract the viewer.
My work embodies the idea of transformation, taking the unpleasant brutal truths of life and rendering a beautiful piece of work as a result. I focus on creating shapes and the quality of the mark; therefore, my paintings have been known to be very visceral in their appearance.


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