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Kim Hye Ji

Kim Hye Ji



When a note is played on a string, it has its sound and then generates a rhythm when more than one single note is placed around and next to it. Strings of rhythm lead to a unique melody in the sound space, where the particular harmony is created and exists within itself.

Within the perception of my artwork, I believe that it works in very much the same way to more than just one moment that we could experience on a daily basis. Each day newly created and formed moments give us art pieces, if we are willing to grasp them from our daily lives.

Practically the same objects remain there today as they did yesterday. For example, a tree, a building colored in beige, a bench, and a tiny flower bed on the street remain the same as yes-terday. However, I believe they are colored differently each day. Perhaps, this change is impact-ed by winds and could make a touch. Dropping down and lighting up by sunlight could make a touch, and what we have gotten in a day could give them color to change their form.

In addition to the artwork process, the change could also be applied to our life in the same con-text when viewing a life as a sequence of experiences. As life conducts various types of emo-tions, they come and pass in fleeting moments from us or last longer than we thought. Perhaps, some of the emotions could last permanently, but also, they could be vague enough and lose comprehension. More than what they are, however, the most important aspect is that they come to us and take a place and / or space within us, which eventually can make a small or big influ-ence in our lifetime. Eventually they drive us to make a move when we’re on board to travel within the wave of emotions. This usual circulation may make us suffer sometimes as well as can possibly bring us great joy. And I believe that it’s worthy enough to describe and try to say something about it, even if it’s nothing more than sharing.

I do have my own story and I live in it like everyone does. What I’m doing by walking through my own story would have words to co-communicate.


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