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Fishing of Malaga
Gregorio Negro Maldonado

Fishing of Malaga



FISHING OF MALAGA 40cm x 60cm x 1.5cm Work done on acrylic canvas, polychromatic. From my summers in Malaga, land of Picasso, what I remember most are those mid-day meals, with a tomato salad with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, a bread that took my mind off to dip in that oil and a good dish de “chanquetes”, or as many of us called them whitebait, because of the jargon that was used by fishermen and children of those times. In the early mornings, the fishermen threw the nets, it was early morning, the sun was breaking, and they pulled them out from the sand, an ancient trawling technique. I remember that one of the many days that my friends and I visited them, when I went to help the fishermen I got into the water and saw the nets full of very small, tiny fish, but with the first rays of light they shone like emeralds of all colors. I remember it like it was yesterday ... That is what I capture in my work, that day when, pulling the net together with the fishermen, taking out the codend I saw a rainbow of fish one on top of the other. I remember this image with great affection from my childhood and it is reflected in my work these days. Artist: Gregorio Negro Maldonado

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