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Shawn Benison

Shawn Benison




Hi. I'm a 54 year old self-taught artist and breast cancer survivor from North Carolina, USA. My journey with art began with an interest in photography & digital art as a hobby, and found it to be very therapeu-tic. It helped me begin to work through past trauma, emotional pain & depression.
My mother, who is an artist, saw my desire to create and encouraged me to pick up a paint brush. After a short time, I discovered I love combining painting and digital art to achieve my overall vision. My tech-nique is usually painting with acrylic or oil, taking a picture of my artwork, then layering different paint-ings and or digitally manipulating for different textural, structural and color effects.
Creating for me is not only healing, but a very spiritual experience. I feel connected to my true self. I've found confidence and happiness through art, and sharing it makes me feel less alone in this world.
Light & Love, Shawn


Art is a spiritual journey of healing for me. Inspired by music, nature and the intangible, I seek to com-bine painting with digital effects to achieve a harmonious union of color and texture with an air of mys-tery.


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