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Barti Color Art

Barti Color Art



<<The right connection gives a unique character to a surface>>.
<<All ideas come from my head, I don’t follow anything and I don’t copy anything or anybody.
The analysis takes weeks to growing the color connections I want to express.
The source of the concept comes from nature and this is where there are even obvious color connections and all kinds of patterns of all kinds of leprosy, the trends are dictated by nature, the only thing that is left for us is the ability to read all its indications>>
He’s a person with an artistic soul. There’s been always a desire in him for a greater - literally and figuratively - form of expression that he uses and he would love to share with the world. Today he is a consciously realizing artist who managed to combine passion and professional work. In his visions, art meets utility. He uniquely transform common-looking everyday objects. He tries to express himself and his emotions while meeting the needs and taking into account even the most expectations demanding customers. His work is characterized by eclecticism - a synthesis of references to past trends in art and modern trends. Multicolored abstract art, baroque ornaments, cubism, impressionism, why not? Boldness combines both styles and colors. For some projects he gets inspiration from the past, event several hundred years back into the world of the Orient. Do you have a vision of the furniture that differs from the furniture designs available in standard chain stores with interior furnishings? Excellent, feel free to contact Barti!


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