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Title: Ego
Year: 2021
Size: 135,50 CM x 101,50 CM x4cm
Techniques: Experimental photography, digitally manipulated, printed on canvas in a workshop specialized in printing high quality artwork. Hanging system included.

A numbered and signed authentication certificate is sent to the buyer by mail.
This picture is about the different social masks that humans can wear. We all wear masks at some point, but some have worn them for so long that they stick to their face. This woman who is determined to go for it is proof of that. Masks are instruments used to try to adapt to certain circumstances and, thus, reinvent ourselves to continue. They allow us to act and move forward as if we were capable of anything and to protect ourselves from what we think could harm us. These can occasionally be useful, but how much energy and time is spent unnecessarily, pretending and trying to hide who we really are.

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