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Elvira Heimann

Elvira Heimann



"Feel the Art" is the motto of her artistic work: “the picture begins to breathe and some-thing unique emerges in its own dramaturgy”.
She came to art in her childhood through the influence of her father, who came from an old French Huguenot family in which music and art were part of everyday life.
Therefore she started up studying Art at the JLU Giessen and graduated in Theology and Psychological Sciences at the Philipps- University in Marburg.
She finds inspiration in nature as well as through travelling and her work as a psychologist. The selection of the pictures shown at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery were painted while she lived 2 month in Copenhagen this summer. Most of them are plein air paintings in the middle of all colours and bodily sensations.

“Her paintings speak their own expressively lively language with a gestural lightness in-herent in the ductus.
Except for associations with landscapes, her works remain non-representational and abstract. By refusing to adopt a concrete form, her gestural painting conveys emotions and moods. The works encourage the viewer to make their own interpretations. These range from stormy and agitated to calmed and turned inside. Above all, you can feel the painter's joy in creating art”(H. Breuninger, Art Historian).

Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Frankfurt, Zürich, Hamburg, Giessen, Marburg etc.. Artist community with sculptor B. Lahmann, Galerie Hafenliebe, Hamburg, Hafencity.


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