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The Summer of Liberation Prevails
Suzanne Harkhoe

The Summer of Liberation Prevails



Title: The Summer of Liberation Prevails
Year: 2020
Size: 120 x 160
Technique: Oil on canvas

“I identify with the Marxist critique of society, vital for understanding this current moment in which we witness the dehumanisation of oppressed groups. This work is therefore inherently anti-capitalist and signifies the first stage of revolution in which both imperialism and capitalism need to be dismantled. It looks into the neoliberal plague and how social resistance arises despite of physical social distance. It highlights sovereignty of all the people and our innate equality that is not reflected by the dominant political system. The urgency of life cannot be sustained by a profit-based economy. It reassesses geopolitics, as the destructive role of imperial countries is showcased”.

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