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Galactic Lullaby: Analogous
David Gomez

Galactic Lullaby: Analogous



Galactic Lullaby : Analogous, 2001, 30x30 inches, acrylic on canvas. This is also an abstract-symbology composition. The technique here is the same as with Cosmopolis Nocturne. For this art piece I used language and formulas as a form of symbolism. The goal with this piece is to provide a sense of tranquility and at the same time a hint of dread. I want to play with the concept of exploring our existence in the grand sense of nature (namely the universe). The acrylic gauche was applied first with a spray paint mix to create a coloring effect. Then, the strong lines were applied with acrylic/graffiti markers. This play of techniques allows me to create from improvisation and let the painting lead me through the composition. Artist: David Gomez

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