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Cindy Vendola Amaru

Cindy Vendola Amaru



Cindy Vendola Amaru is a self-taught mixed-media contemporary artist who lives in Milford, Connecticut USA. She uses oils and acrylics to create abstract contemporary images on canvas. She then digitally modifies her paintings to create various unique pieces. Her works have a common root, they grow out of several acrylic or oil paintings and thereafter modified with the use of various digital tools. Her digital art is sold on plexiglass and canvas prints with the digital original available as an NFT.
Her inspiration expands while in the process of digital modification, thus creating multiple variations from her original acrylic or oil painting. She is inspired by strong vibrant colors which she feels are associated with positive thoughts and feelings. She is also inspired by the high contrast and contemporary vibes of her black and white pieces.
Her pieces are inspired by things she feels passionate about such as love, peace, gratefulness, and happiness. She is inspired to touch as many hearts as possible through her art.
She believes strongly in conveying her passion and positivity through art for all things that bring us joy and happiness and are significant in our life.
While Cindy is creating she is consistently inspired to add depth, mystery and unique elements and often displaying hints of a self-portraits hidden within.
Cindy’s work has been featured in House & Garden UK, July, August, September, 2021 Issues, as well as The Manhattan Piano Canvas Performance by Pianist and Composer Margin Alexander.


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