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Gabriela O. Fortunat

Gabriela O. Fortunat



I am a Mexican artist and I want to welcome you to my passion and soul’s journey. Painting has been my loyal companion since early childhood, it has always been my way to express my feelings and portray this magical world we live in.

At the age of 17, I was able to discover what became my favorite technique, watercolour. I took watercolour painting classes for two years and fell in love with this medium; its fluidity, transparency and versatility conquered my heart. As a natural born rebel and curious person I went beyond the traditional way of using watercolour and the classic kind of paintings taught at class; this granted me the privilege of receiving the encouragement and appraisal of one of the most renown Mexican watercolour painter, Jose Luis Cuevas, who at my first exhibition told me: “Please continue breaking the rules of watercolour, experiment and have fun. I see a great future for you.”

Even though my professional life developed as an international trading executive, painting remained by my side and four years ago I decided it would be my full time passion. Now besides watercolour I am working with acrylics, oil-acrylics, inks, and color pencils, all of which have expanded my creativity.

In my paintings I express my soul, feelings, the magic and wisdom I find in this world, and my deepest desire is to create a soul to soul bond with the observers so that they feel the love, joy and other emotions portrayed in my artworks, as well as to invite them to reflect on the beauty and wisdom of this life and this universe.

1984 - ‘Nuevos Acuarelistas’ collective exhibition. Centro de Exposiciones Pedro Domecq, Mexico City. Septiembre 2021 - ‘Convergencia’ collective exhibition. Sophart Gallery, Mexico City.


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