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Kasia Muzyka




Title: Liberation
Year: 2021
Size: 30x24 inches
Technique: Fluid Mixed Media.

“Liberation” might be seen as a continuation to the first painting, “Call2love”, presented in the exhibition. The dictionary says liberation is an act of setting free from restraint or confinement. Setting free of the truth in the deepest meaning of this phrase. It is in coming to the acceptance of two ever present and battling qualities of human nature and its purpose. It is asking a question or suggesting the need to come in alignment with duality. Duality of the ego and of the spirit driving the human body through life. The freedom and liberation are in a choice and acceptance of our materialistic and bodily needs and those higher spiritual ones together in one human vessel. Hysteria sets within the human psyche when both are in a constant inner battle. Liberation is in choice, specifically free will of choice in which we are free to decide how we want to live by. Is it the fear or is it the love? The observer in close examination of the painting, might see primordial open mouth of the universe, freedom and release of the truth. The dove as a symbolic representation of the victory of spirit in human experience.

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