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Jaime McGlinn

Jaime McGlinn



I’m originally from Omagh in County…Tyrone Ireland, but I live in Manchester. I’m from a family wealthy of artists in both art and music.
My interest in art began at a young age learning to sketch and doing so any chance I had. As timed passed my passion manifested deeper which eventually lead to enlisting in the Arts College Belfast where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.
I took a break from painting 15 years ago due to my work, and never found the time to paint and then lockdown happened. I became inspired by Music while listening to the John Digweed Bunker Livestreams. My feeling from the Music was overwhelming and I wanted to put that across with Paint. The live streams are a unique experience that Music lovers over the world come together as one. I wanted to try and capture that feeling I continue using these streams for a large collection of my work.

(The Bunker Series)
I have always been a lover of Music which has a long history in My family back in Ireland. I have consistently searched for Music from a young age and I’ve realised how important it is in my life, now I use it with Painting.
My Music range is quite wide and ranges from Irish Traditional to More upbeat types.
I have donated lots of work to creators the world over., as their Music created the work and I truly believe the music makes the Painting I mess with the Paint.
Last year I was asked could my work be used on a release with The Selador Recordings Label which was very surreal and gave me a huge boost in my confidence.
I have been amazed at the support I’ve received and I’m looking forward to some exciting things later in 2021 and ahead in 2022.

The Soundgarden Series.
This body of work by Jaime is painted while listening to Dj Nick Warren and his eclectic concept The Soundgarden, which encompasses a record label, worldwide events and a mix compilation series. The paintings are a reflection of Jaime's journey through sounds and gives the viewer a sense of his emotions through paint. Nick's music builds and takes you on a journey, so the 3 pieces in this series reflect the tempo and the mood Jaime feels while listening. The energy in Jaime's work is his connection to the music. He dances with headphones on, without an idea or plan for the painting and lets the music dictate and inspire everything.


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