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In search of my soul
Parul Srivastava

In search of my soul



In search of my soul 30X30inches - acrylic on canvas In the artwork " In search of my soul" she expresses the very moment when one feels extreme emotions and naturally tend to call his own soul to hold in, preventing the disruption that the natural form of emotions may intense in making one feel out of the world either happy or hurt. She textures the work and used the red color to resemble the intense emotion of happiness, anger or blood which run life. The wooden pieces in gold are resembling coins or bullets , this artwork can be interpreted as a deep rooted relationship between a bidy and soul or two soulmates or a soldier meeting his civil self and many more interpretation. The heads are uniquely places on the body to move the sight from one to another body makes the painting unique and interactive.. This Beautiful artwork is in an a rtist private collection but prints and replication works are available to match to viewers favorite interpretations. Artist: Parul Srivastava

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