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Manuela Ghidini




Title: Cambia-menti
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 100x100 cm
Technical: putty and acrylic

Ask a child to create an artwork… it will have the frame! Although the last generations have grown up with the possibility of seeing paintings in direct relationship with real space and light, they’ll continue to draw them with frames. I have always wondered why there was the need to delimit them with wooden or metal borders and suffocate them with glass plates, depriving them of their original beauty.
With this work of mine I would like to overturn the idea that was of this object. MADS Art Gallery gave me the opportunity to try to change the order of things, asking myself: "And if it was the painting that delimits the frame and if it was the latter that envelopes the wall?". Everything that is in our imprinting is overturned, incorporating in the work what was once external: the wood doesn’t define the painting, but it’s part of it, the wall doesn’t support the painting, but it explodes from the frame and everything around us while we look at a work, now, it’s in the work itself… Now it’s my work that admires us. It’s always a question of points of view. Changes are the key to looking into the future, diving into it and letting the past leave its teachings. “Cambia-menti”…. It’is the title of my work. Let yourself be admired: our emotions are a masterpiece.

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