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Kae Takashima
Mixed Media Artist

Kae Takashima

Mixed Media Artist


Kae Takashima is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She is good at leaving the imagination of the viewer by intentionally leaving a blank space on the work. Poesy and silence are important components of her works.
2002 Gallery f-1 Japan
2002 Galerie Satellite “9th Visual Poesy Paris Exhibition“ France
2004 White Cube Gallery “Matiere no Hana” Japan
2006 White Cube Gallery “Diamonds” Japan
2007 Gallery f-1 Japan
2009 Agora Gallery “Matrix of the Mind“ New York USA
1997 Up-and-coming artist exhibition at Gallery Enfant
1999 International Art Council
2006 Montreal International Arts Award

„Generate and disappear, existence and absence, resonance with the human spirit with them.The work expresses their coexistence”


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