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Maria De Zorzi




Volcano 121 by 152 cm Acrylic on Canvas Painted November 2020 VOLCANO (HOMAGE TO GAIA) From the beginning of time Mother Earth has been in a constant state of flux. A continuing dance of destruction through the forces of the universe, the changing of the seasons and its own natural disasters. My painting is titled “Volcano”. It is as if the earth erupts its inner anger in a visual display of force and power. A seemingly volatile act but in turn resulting in the production of ash to nurture its soil, release its life-giving water from its mantle and create geothermal energy. Destruction and renewal. In this piece I hope to capture the pernicious beauty of this convergence through movement and the use of bold hues and a dripping canopy of color to produce a freeing, textured movement. Artist: Maria De Zorzi

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