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The Widening
Margaretha Gubernale

The Widening



Title: The Widening
Year: 2021
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Technique: oil on canvas

If the human DNA communicates with the DNA of all possibilities, then he experiences a powerful expansion. Who that is, who has all kinds of DNA, everyone can that decide for themselves. For me it is God, whose white DNA encompasses all colors in his light, ordered and in a soothing measure. On the other hand, evil also includes all colours, but they are excessive and disordered and they separate them from light so that they harden and become heavy and material and work themselves off and disintegrate with the ravages of time, because they no longer have any reference to the source of the DNA of all possibilities and because what is intended as a short drive and protection for physical life becomes waste and imitation.

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