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Daniele Cesetti, aka MANA, has been drawing since he was a child, without technique, without certificates and without a specific education. For Daniele painting is a personal mission, it re-lieves stress and allows him to throw on canvas the emotions he has inside.

“Being an artist is a state of mind, something you have inside: it's putting that hint of yourself in whatever we do, like music, drawings, architecture… For me art is the expression of me the same as what I try... My art is a tale of me, it is the means I can use to communicate my opinion and my thought. My art is not a culture of beauty, of perfection but an expression of myself.
My task: through my work, to give society the opportunity to reflect, to observe the intimacy that is hidden in everything, I would like to be able to travel the observer on a carpet of colors and shapes, take him away, elevate him, make him dissociate from reality so that he can experi-ence an emotion, both fascinating and happy and sad and regrettable. I want to take you away for a single moment, I want to give you the opportunity to alienate yourself and live what you are looking at. Each work is a journey and in my opinion it doesn't need a description:
everyone observes, reflects and imagines.


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