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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


“I like the colors, I like the world view, I hope you can feel whatever you like”

I started drawing something like this about 6 years ago.
Until then, I had little to do with painting and art.
If anything, the pictures I drew in the art class when I was a student were not very com-plimented, and I had an older brother who was good at drawing, so I lived thinking that I didn't have that kind of talent compared to my brother.

That's why I started painting.
After graduating from high school, in an art class I took at a vocational school, the theme "Let's draw something freely with a pencil on the paper we are going to distribute with circles, lines and squares" came up.
I thought I wasn't good at drawing, but mysteriously, something I wanted to draw came to my mind, and the paper was filled up.
I really enjoyed the time that started without being presented with "Let's draw this".
At the end of the class, everyone anonymously posted the pictures they drew and voted for what they liked.
Thankfully my painting has collected so many votes.
I can't forget the feeling of happiness at that time.
I was very happy to be able to express what came to my mind and see it.

A few years after that, when I suddenly looked back at myself, I bought a sketchbook and a pencil and started drawing impulsively.
I don't get compliments from anyone, just draw as I want.
I had a lot of fun today ... I often saw red all day long ... Let's draw with only curves ... I set various themes and drew as I like.

At first I drew it in a sketchbook, but I took over the iPad of my family I found in my house and started drawing in the digital world from there.
Since then, I haven't changed my drawing as I like, and I continue to freely express my feelings, the scenes that come to my mind, and the world.
Whether I'm good at drawing or not ... I have to draw well what exists in this world ... If I can express by holding a pen or brush without being bound by such things, someone by continuing to draw freely I hope it will reach you.
It would be even more moving if you could feel something from my painting.


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