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Marika Pentikainen




MyTo_Unknown_HongKong INFO Canon EOS 1DX Marika II Lens Ef 24-70mm/2.8USM Exposure: 1/640 sec / f.5.6 ISO 400 Image size: 2597 x 1731 Resolution: 300 78cm x 56cm Year:2019 About MyTo_Unknown_Serie: I feel emotionally attached to certain environments. The feeling can be quite powerful. I can become feverishly interested in certain types of buildings, ruins, or places in nature. The primary influencing factor is often the area’s history, the lived experience of people in the area, and its fictive location in my mind. I plant the figure in an environment that’s important to me. The planting is like a home for the figure. It can make a kind of temple of humanity concrete, something that’s very surreal, and concretize the mythological world of my unconscious. The way in which the figure arrives and appears can also create a frightening impression in the final visual result. The figure can appear often in the same surroundings with its predilections. The figure also has an instructive and attention-grabbing way of relating to society and the things around it. The figure has a huge effect on the existing energies in the environment. Through these energies, the figure presents itself as it is to the world. Every person is free to experience the emotions the photographs evoke as most important to themselves. The figure is a visual escort into the human experiences of the mind. Artist: Marika Pentikäinen

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