Graeme Johnston

Graeme Johnston



Graeme is 57 years old, born in Glasgow, Scotland, but living as an ex-pat, mainly in Dubai, since 2006.
Graeme has been painting as an amateur since his teens to varying degrees of intensity over the years depending on the responsibilities and career demands of the time.
Having trained in Furniture Design and Making, and Antique Furniture Restoration and running his own business in that field for several years in Scotland, Graeme has always had a love for design and a need to create.
Graeme moved to Dubai in 2006, and moved into construction project management, specialising in high end interiors, but has continued to produce his art.

Artistic CV
Apart from sketching and doodling, Graeme started his painting with murals on his bedroom walls aged 17 and went on to do some commissions for friends copying record covers such as Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell and Iron Maiden – Live After Death.
Over the years he has done college courses in portraiture, oil painting and life drawing classes.
In the late 90’s he focused for around 2 years drawing and painting many portraits and took life drawing classes to develop those skills.
During training and education in Antique Furniture Restoration, Graeme studied many aspects and techniques of painting and subsequently undertook many commissions to create painted furniture and restoration work on painted pieces during his years in the business of furniture restoration and making.
Having worked in oil on canvas or board until around 2000, Graeme has moved to acrylic on canvas exclusively. Graeme moved to abstract work only in 2021 and it has fired an enthusiasm for the genre and an excitement for the direction his work is moving.