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Jing Qiu




Title: Hunger
Year: 2021
Size: 00:00:26

The work is inspired by the food waste I see and produce from my daily cooking. I looked at the wasted food and thought about how many people in this world, both at home and abroad, are not even able to feed themselves. I began to reflect on myself and focused my attention on the hungry. In my research I discovered some difficult periods of famine in history, as well as famines in Africa, including cannibalism in long-ago history. I pondered what kind of hunger could cause people to eat people. People cannot empathise with each other. In order to simulate trying extreme hunger, then, I thought I needed to have experienced it myself in order to understand the suffering and hardships of a hungry group. With this I took the next step forward. I designed a seven-day starvation experiment, without harming my body too much, to allow myself to feel hunger first-hand. I also recorded my physical and psychological state visually. The final presentation is an installation. I hope that through my artworks the viewer will be able to think, to be aware of the hungry and to be grateful for the present.

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