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Learning calligraphy at the age of 5.
Learned drawing watercolor at the age of 15.
My brother, a graphic designer, made me give up a career in art.
I was also interested in fashion, so I got a job in the apparel industry.
With that career, I got a job at Prada Japan, but left when I got married. 2018, I opened a calligraphy class while raising my three children. However, I could not give up on my artis-tic career and started to pursue a career as a calligraphy artist. At that time, I studied tech-nique under Gen Miyamura at Gen Miyamura Tokyo Studio. I exhibited three times in school exhibitions and one piece sold during the 2019 cycle.
Then, not satisfied with calligraphy, I began to express my world with acrylics, watercolors, drawings, and crayons, using the many and varied sensitivities within me. Like a human chameleon with various sensitivities.


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