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Ragini Ashok
Digital Artist

Ragini Ashok

Digital Artist


Name: Ragini Ashok
Country of Origin: India
How long have I been painting: 4 years
The kind of art I do: Abstract art; Multimedia Art
What inspires me: Nature, Psychology, Philosophy, Science, Consciousness and The Unknown.

I am Ragini Ashok. I am 27 years old. I am a self-taught visionary artist and entrepreneur from Karnataka, India, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Source is immaterial. I create abstract designs with a range of media, mate-rials, and concepts including physical and digital art. I explore relationships between existential space where everything is interconnected, and perhaps as one, whether it is people, emotions, thoughts, energies, time-space, sci-ence, technology and philosophy of life.

I believe that the only possibility to sustain our future amongst infinite probabilities is to understand the core nature/essence which serves as an underlying framework for all that exists. To do so, I emphasize the multi-faceted expression in my artwork that screams oneness and holistic well-being. As mirrored images come from a unified source, every form contains within it all possibilities of expression. While this can be overwhelming, we have the freedom to do whatever we like, do whatever the collective con-sciousness dictates or decipher the cosmos within ourselves. In order to understand, accept, love and forgive our experiences, we must have an in-sight. Experiencing existence as it is requires each of us to dissolve the complexity of the world in which we live today and become the epitome of simplicity. As a result, life becomes directed/conscious.

In my work, I seek to create new connections and pathways that bring dynamic equilibrium /nature of balanced flow into focus. At the end of each painting, I hope to share the simplicity, beauty, love, and light of the moment. In this way, encouraging everyone to remember and embrace their unconditional expression. Because truly, there are no boundaries!
Each piece of art is an eternal creation and visual realization of boundless love -Ragini Ashok


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