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Camilla Fransrud

Camilla Fransrud



Camilla Fransrud,born in Oslo in 1974 ,is an Norwegian contemporary painter. She moved to Trondheim, the heart of Norway at the age of 20 and has lived here for 29 years. She started painting in 2017 ,and she paints on canvas with acrylic, mixing her own colors. To create depth in her paintings she uses chalk, palette knife, various textures and mixed media .She is self-taught
in this art form. What she attempts to evoke in her art is that you can feel the paintings in the fingertips, sense it, not only look at it. To her the process of painting i just essential as breathing.
To her it is important to paint with the heart and she works intuitively with colors she derives inspiration from the Nordic Light. She derives to touch your heart via her paintings, so
you can feel and create your own dreams through the feelings she attempts to convey in her paintings. Let us create a beautiful world together she says and hopes you will accompany her on that journey.

Artistic Statement
Art is sharing. Trough my artworks I can share my magical world and my emotions. I believe that art can unite people, thoughts and ways of seeing, offering moments of peace.
I want my art to talk about me and to be a mirror for others.


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