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Irina Onopenko

Irina Onopenko



Irina had achieved her Diploma Degree in Art at Kiev Academy of Media-Art, 1990–1995
In 2017 Irina achieved her Second diploma from the Kiev School of Contemporary Art at the National Academic of Ukrainian Art.
In 2019 Irina got her diploma in Art Business at Academic of Art Business, Kiev.
About Her participate In Exhibition & Rewards:
In 2015 Irina established her art gallery in Kiev.
In 2016 Irina became the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition in the nomination "Woman of the Third Millennium" for the cultural integration of youth.
In 2017 Irina participated in the Artistic Spring Exhibition at the Supreme Council of Ukraine.
In 2018 Irina participated in an art exhibition in Kiev at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
In 2018 Irina participated in an art exhibition in 58th Venice Biennale.
In 2019 Irina participated in an art exhibition Fashionableecoart Clean- up day at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice and Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan.
In 2020 Irina held her solo exhibition "Break The Silence" at gallery "Spivakovska ART EGO".
In 2020 Irina A warded as a woman art Award nomination, UNESCO artist, Golden time talent in London for second place; and in Berlin she got first place.
In 2021 Irina Have a big chance in May 11-30, solo exhibition "Art Against Violence" at the Taras Shevchenko Museum.
In 2021 June 1-10 Irina paintings presented at the Lesya Ukrainka Museum.
In 2021 June 23-25 Irina participated in the international exhibition "We are contemporary" Vienna.
In 2021 1st of July Irina participated in the exhibition Decor Lab Milan.
In 2021 Oct. Irina participated in the Exhibition Art against violence “at the Institute for the Problems of Contemporary Education.
In 2021 Nov. Irina participated in the international exhibition "Divina Comedia " Milan.
Paintings by Irina Onopenko are presented at numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and in private collections of collectors in such countries as Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, USA, moreover two of Irina Painting was considered as National treasure of the National Ukrainian Museum

My message is to awaken, to encourage reflection, to open hearts. The idea is to immerse the viewer in a certain atmosphere where they can feel like they are part of the work, as if plunging into a kind of trance. Art is a figurative understanding of reality, the result of my inner perception of the world, and if this coincides with the perception of the viewer, then a powerful synergy arises. I share my thoughts.
The emotional, screaming paintings of the artist are filled with inner feelings: she is frank with the viewer and the viewer feels it. Hence her success and desire to create. Using the language of visual images, she seeks to talk to people about what excites them.
Her work is a way to reach out, to awaken feelings, to make you think. It is based on personal experiences, reflections on the role and place of women in this complex and ambiguous world. Each of her paintings is a deep drama based on personal experience and feelings. Her picturesque canvases amaze and excite. Sincerity is read instantly. It's impossible to lie here. Creativity Irina Onopenko from the first moment of acquaintance gives rise to a sense of belonging.


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