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Shine of the beginning. / 始まりの輝き

Shine of the beginning. / 始まりの輝き



Title 「 Shine of the beginning. / 始まりの輝き 」 2021 Size 190×335 ㎜ Pen, Paper, Wooden panel. “Are you flapping with the brilliance of the beginning?” Do not doubt that you are the same when you recognize you. However, dissociation begins unintentionally due to relationships with others and society, and I begin to think that my brilliance is just a reflection of light. Because they cannot see or touch the self-esteem that is established by the influence of each shining and reflecting each other, they repeat unstable blinking and sometimes remain silent for a long time. This is because there is no way to feel it except by taking actions such as discovering and communicating with oneself. Self- esteem, such as a collection of brilliance, is dispersed or hurt by factors such as malice, speculation, and dishonesty. It takes time to recover, and it is necessary to spit out negative factors rather than come up with negative ones. If unreasonable unreasonableness is about to fall, you should parry it as much as possible, in order to gather brilliance and fly uniquely. The reason why the eyes are different on the left and right in a big face is to express the impression and change of mind brought about by discovery and communication. Artist: MARINA

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