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Snježana Boyd - Žana




Unbreakable, 2020, 70x100cm, Indian ink and gel or oil based ink on paper. Unbreakable Between a mother and child, there is an unbreakable bond of visible and invisible materiality and energy. The parts of the bond expand and branch in leaves outside the framework of their connection. They are the foundation of mutual spiritual and physical growth. They are love, a signpost, an obstacle, a hug, an escape, they are life. Mother is a Sun .... gives a light of life, gives energy. Mother is the Moon... shows a road in deep nights, gives emotions. Mother is a Raine... an inexhaustible source of sustainability of life. The woman’s face is in the shape of tears. Does anyone have more tears than a mother? Tears of pain and happiness, reliving through the birth of a child, growing up, and separation. Over time, the tight connection of the hands weakens somewhat, even disappears and everyone relies on themselves, but traces of bond remain forever. The UNBREAKABLE, grown out of the universe of the human soul. Symbols of colors: GOLD. Gold is a measure of material values. Here represents the highest value - a life. SILVER. Moonlight - a glow of emotions. RED. Life energy - bloodstream. BLACK. Strong, flexible, unbreakable net on which life is based and continues. It goes out of format into infinity. The painting is dedicated to women who have embraced a new life with a net of unconditional love. Artist: Snježana Boyd - Žana

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