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Rischelle Brooks




Love My Body Exhibition I have a background in Personal Training, Life Coaching and Weight Loss Coaching and more recently Creative Therapy and Holistic Counselling. I have seen and experienced first hand the impossible standards set in society not only today, but over generations. Now more than ever we need self reflection, self acceptance and ultimately the vulnerability and strength to be devoted to our own true essence and not get caught up in ‘looking good’ for others. This could not be a more relevant topic for an exhibition for me with my background and as a mother of two daughters. Young women are immensely influenced by their peers and social media. It’s well and truly time for change. MY WORK Each painting was given a lot of thought and reflection prior to commencement. Initially all my paintings are built with texture either using excessive amounts of black gesso or both black gesso and modelling paste applied with a palette knife. From there, my beauties rise from the darkness and take shape. Devotion - 2021 Acrylic and modelling paste on stretched canvas Approximately 61x61cm with a depth of 3.8cm The journey to self acceptance and love takes devotion. People find devotion in all sorts of places, whether it be their yoga practice, their spiritual practice, their religion, their good habits etc. For each person it can be very different. With devotion to our own growth we have an opportunity to see true long lasting change. It is not about the destination so much as continual practice of good habits and grace towards oneself and our mistakes and perceived imperfections both past, present and future. Artist: Rischelle Brooks

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