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Audrey Kao




Title: Origin Size: 60X72cm Technique: Oil on canvas Year: 2020 Art Exhibition “FABLE” My name is Audrey Kao now currently a language art teacher in Taiwan and also doing some art therapy learning. My BA was related in language education. I was interested in philosophy especially in the topic of aesthetic. I began my research in Lyotard’s postmodernism and specific dig in the topic about the idea of “sublime”. After the graduate school, I entered University College London to complete my second Master in Museum and Galleries in Education. I began to self taught and started to do my experiment on creating artworks. In viewing of the definition of art, there are diverse interpretations and explanation from different groups. I never have formal training in creating art. For me, art is a simple, pure, creative and experimental way to experience and to praise us being a human. Art also plays a vital way for me to communicate with people. It’s a way for me to be bold and express my inner voices without any limitation. I love the process to create artworks also listen to people’s reactions to the artworks. The uncertainty always amazes me and inspires me to dig in more and more. It’s great to have this chance to join the “FABLE” exhibition. Imagination is the heart of everything. With our imagination, we could create our own dreams and discover new interpretation and build up a new storyline. My work “Origin” is trying to look for the mystery of female power and love. The love between men and women provide the nutrition of tree of love, which is the unicorn’s shelter place on her way to the mysterious door. Is this how we find love? Or what’s your interpretation? Use imagination and create own fantasy. Artist: Audrey Y. Kao

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