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Melina Soltavi




Title: Terra

Year: 2021

Size: 21x29,7cm

Technique: Watercolour and ink painting


A goddess’s beauty is relevant throughout every feature, every colour and every texture. What you see first is a glimpse of mythical beauty. Her hair washes like the waves of the ocean, her skin is layered like shaped land. ‘Terra’ can represent many things, the earth, the distortion, the beauty and even one's self. The closely you analyse, the more distortion, cracks and imperfections be-come visible. It represents both words of perfection and chaos. What can first be seen as simply as a portrait, slowly is unpacked. ‘Terra’, enables a journey of realisation, allowing the viewer to expe-rience the removal of the “veil” the longer they observe the work, and become confronted with the existence of the two worlds. One can seek one's own reality through the portrait, it is a journey hid-den under the layers of colour. This is my parallel world.

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