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Stephen Linhart




Title: Saturnalia
Year: 1999
Size: 66cm x 99cm
Technique: A digital collage with ‘Cherub’ and ‘Detail of the Sistine Madonna’ by Raphael,
‘Venus of Urbino’ by Titian, and ‘Allegory of Spring’ by Botticelli.
Laser photo print mounted, with a protective coating. Signed on front.

It has been common in recent decades for prominent artists to ‘find’ material in the output of lesser known artists and designers. We see photographs showing works by unnamed designers, and collages of all forms of popular media. I’ve chosen to pursue the same pattern... but in reverse.

I’m using the title ‘Found Art’ as a double entendre rather than a pun. I made these collages from art I found in the works of great painters. But also, I used a found art technique in their creation. I develop an experience-space using technology and existing images. Then I go exploring in that space. When I find something that moves me, I lithify it as a digital collage and polish it into a finished work.

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