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Girgin Songül

Girgin Songül



Songül Girgin is a Turkish artist who for years has been making sculptures that combine pure geometry with optical art. After completing his university education at Kocaeli University and the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University, with an academic thesis on sound sculptures, Girgin has created numerous works, starting a research on the relationship between shapes, sounds and nature; nature is the field of research and the primary source of inspiration for the artist. The alternation of empty and full, as well as creating surprising optical effects, allows the sculptures to relate to the surrounding landscape, a complementary element of the work, and to produce sounds; therefore, there are two senses tickled by Girgin's sculptures, sight and hearing. Each element of the work, shape, material used, colours, arrangement of solids and voids in the space, is decisive, affects the final result, visual and acoustic, and, for this reason, chosen with care. The choice of metal is not accidental, it is the only material that allows her to create very thin geometric elements, for this reason it predominates in her artistic production; the artist has also conducted research on the different intensities of the sounds produced by the various types of metal. The sound is also intensified and propagated by the pedestal, designed by the artist with a dual function: to support the sculpture and act as an amplification box. Girgin has exhibited his works not only in Turkey, but also in other countries, such as China and Ukraine, obtaining international recognition and awards.

Artistic Statement:

The artist focuses on universal elements that everyone is familiar with and can connect with her works fed from Nature. By observing biological species such as seeds, plant species, marine creatures, cells and bacteria, the artist makes “mathematics and geometry in nature” as a research focus. This process followed by abstraction and reconstruction with a computer-assisted parametric style over the observed phenomenon.
The artist desires to include the space and the observer of the sculpture by applying interactive optical and sound elements. Species are in relationship with altitude, pressure, humidity, light, climate. For the artist, Nature is not just a physical narrative, it is a garden of sensation and emotion for literature, mathematics, philosophy etc. The artist, as many other artists have done for centuries, translates her meaning and purpose into this ever-ending playground, Nature.

Mixed Exhibitions:

2008 ''Kocaeli University'', Timeless Goddesses ,Student Exhibition, KOCAELI, TURKEY

2010 ''Istanbul Tuyap ArtFair'' Women's Rights Themed Exhibition, ISTANBUL, TURKEY

2011 “Bazart Gallery” Young Art Exhibition, ISTANBUL, TURKEY

2011 ''Keşan International Stone Sculpture Symposium” Artist Assistantship, Edirne, TURKEY

2013 “Ereğli Demir Çelik'' Competition on Life and Steel, Exhibition ISTANBUL, TURKEY

2015 ''Elgizmuseum'' Sky Line Mixed Exhibition ISTANBUL, TURKEY

2016 ''International Zühtü Müridoğlu Wooden Sculpture Symposium” Artist, Kocaeli, TURKEY

2019 “Art Weeks, Akaretler”, Mixed Exhibition, Baraz Gallery, ISTANBUL, TURKEY

2019 “Art Show İSTANBUL” Mixed Exhibition and Sound Sculpture Performance Istanbul, TURKEY

2019 “96 Years of the Republic of Turkey” , Turkish Artists, the Exhibitions, Ankara, TURKEY

2019 “Marmara University”, Year-end Solo Exhibition, “Whisper Forest” İSTANBUL, TURKEY

2020 "Microtopia" Demolished Building, Group Exhibition, İstanbul, TURKEY

2021 "One Akaretler" Mixed Exhibition, İstanbul, TURKEY

2021 "Back To İzmir" Mixed Exhibition, İzmir, TURKEY

2021 "Synergie symposiyum" BOORYAK, UKRAİN

2022 "One Akaretler" Mixed Exhibition, İzmir, TURKEY

2022 "Cİ BLOOM" Contemparory İstanbul, TURKEY


2011 “Bazarart Gallery”/ Jury’s Special Award, İstanbul, TURKEY

2016 “Ereğli Demir Çelik” Competitionon Life and Steel/Jury’s Special Award, İstanbul, TURKEY.

2019 The 2nd International Desert Sculpture, Award Minqin, CHINA

2019 “Milliyet Art Magazine”, "New Discoveries in Sculpture" Selection Award, Kemer Country, Istanbul, TURKEY


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