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Masaki Hirokawa




Title: Moirai
Year: 2020
Size: 136x136 cm
Technique: Digital media

“This piece of artwork is based on the theme of the Fates—three sisters of Greek mythology. The past, present, and future, are concepts conjured up by humanity, and exist only as illusions. The pas-sage of time is not a contiguous element, it is nothing more than fragments. The mind, or spirit, ac-quires the conceptual aspect of time via a bird's-eye view, while the body, the flesh, experiences time within a limited lifespan, and the soul presides over the interactions of both of those coexisting forms. Even if one were able to predict the path of their destiny, any resistance would be meaningless, like an opposition against the flow of a mighty river. Generally, to assimilate completely with the soul, and attempt to pilot the rudders of fate ahead of one's time, is an act forbidden to human be-ings. Any such attempt would bring with it a heavy price, and most likely require the offering of a corresponding and suitable penalty, in accordance with the laws of the universe. On the other hand, all of humanity has been born with the promise to guide this world to happiness, and above all else, to acquire one's own happiness. At times, it may be impossible to believe in such a thing. There are certainly moments when we curse the gods. And yet, the sun's light continues to shine upon this planet as always, while the moon quietly illuminates the darkness of night, and there are abundant riches upon this earth.

No matter what path fate travels, the road we traverse is illuminated far and wide, and whatever happiness, or even suffering, that we feel during that journey, is pleasure and joy to the soul. All that exists can do so thanks to continuously receiving the gods' generous benefits and blessings.”

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